HAPPY 2-22-22!

In honor of this fun date, we’ve compiled a list full of 22’s from around BFREE!

🐆 A long-term scientific study at BFREE verified that at least 22 individual jaguars live on the BFREE property. 

🌿 Head Ranger, Sipriano Canti, embarks on his 22nd year as a Park Ranger within the Bladen Nature Reserve and the BFREE Privately Protected Area.

🐌 There are 158 species of land snails confirmed from the arbitrary boundaries of Belize. One snail, the Common Aggressor, measures 22 mm.

🛌 BFREE’s newest accommodation, “The Hammock,” was completed in 2022. The building has six private rooms connected by an open-air veranda.

🍫 Purple-orange Phenotype, cacao pods have 22-30 seeds.

🐢 In 2014, BFREE launched the HCRC with 22 adult turtles. Today, there are 45 adult turtles in the program. 

🍽 The dining room table where thousands of people over the years have sat around sharing meals, playing games, or collaborating on saving the rainforest was built by hand 22 years ago. 

🎂 Cacao team member Leonardo Choc is 22 years old, and Wildlife Fellow, Jonathan Dubon, turns 22 this year! 

🍎 Before the Cool Spot was the “Cool Spot,” it was designated as The Classroom and was built 22 years ago.

Special thanks to BFREE Volunteer, Autumn Dietrich for helping compile this list!

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