New Composting Toilets

composting toilets

BFREE’s new composting toilets will aid in conservation efforts and are going to be installed throughout the BFREE property.

Over the past few months, we have engineered and installed three composting toilets: one near the kitchen, one near the bunkhouse and one near the three new cabanas. This cool system separates the urine from the feces, allowing feces to dry and decompose, ultimately becoming fertilizer. Jacob Marlin and Dan Dourson collaborated to make the design and they are very excited that the project is nearing completion.

The state of the art design will allow BFREE to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. River rocks were collected with the help of Keene High School to use as building materials for the walls. Eventually, these bathroom facilities will have associated educational materials highlighting the conservation design and the importance of saving fresh water.

composting toilets side

We are always looking for new ways to improve our buildings and hope to use this design throughout the BFREE property. As Jacob says, “give a shit for conservation!”

2013-04-10 composting toilets 32013-04-15 composting toilet 3

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  1. Ron Zurlinden
    Ron Zurlinden says:

    I live near Corozal and the local rotarians are looking into this technilogy. Are the composting toilets in operation and can you provide us information? Thank you


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