New Rearing Pond at the Hicatee Conservation & Research Center

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Designed to study the reproductive biology and to determine if the Central American River turtle could be bred in captivity, the Hicatee Conservation & Research Center opened in 2014 and was met with immediate success when, in the summer of 2015, the first seven hatchlings emerged. This was followed by five hatchlings in 2016, 84 […]

Land Snail Workshop at BFREE

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The first workshop on the Land Snails of Belize was led by biologists, Dan and Judy Dourson, and took place at the BFREE field station in late February. The workshop’s goal was to give participants an understanding of which snails can be found in southern Belize and to train them to identify land snails with […]

Team Hicatee Competes in La Ruta Maya

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By Jaren Serano The La Ruta Maya 2019 Belize River Challenge is considered one of the most gruesome races in Belizean history and it is the longest canoe race in Central America:  a four- day event covering over 180 miles of Belizean river. Paddlers from all corners of the country and internationally converge at the […]

Spring ’19 Hicatee Health Assessments

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  During the early March Hicatee Health Assessment, a total of 214 turtles were assessed at the Hicatee conservation and Research Center (HCRC). The primary purpose of the spring health assessment was to perform a basic exam of the overall health of the captive population at the HCRC. Because oviposition takes place between the months […]

Monkey River Watershed Association Annual Press Meeting

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  On Friday, February 1, the Monkey River Watershed Association hosted a community meeting in Monkey River Village. The purpose was to present the working document ‘A Road Map for the Restoration of the Monkey River, Its Watershed and Its Shore,”  to community members and the funding agency, the United Nations Development Programme/ Small Grants […]

17 New Species of Land Snails Discovered in Belize

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17 New Species of Land Snails Discovered in Belize By Dan and Judy Dourson The beautiful country of  Belize, known to the rest of the world for its stunning reef and adventure tourism, has a new claim to fame as home to seventeen new species of land snails! This information was uncovered thanks to a long-term study […]

Winners Announced for the National Hicatee Poster Contest

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BFREE and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) are pleased to announce the winners of a national poster contest for primary school students. The Overall Winner was Seydi Medrano from Ambergris Caye Elementary School in San Pedro, Belize. (First image) The Winner of the 12-14 age group was Kevin Thurton from Hummingbird Elementary School in Belize […]

Wild Cat Research is Alive and Well at BFREE!

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By Debi Willoughby, owner of Jungle Encounters Jungle Encounters is conducting a long term field research project at BFREE using trail cameras to gather information about the five species of wild cats native to Belize. The mission is to use this data to develop and maintain conservation practices throughout Belize that will benefit both the […]

The Bladen Review 2018

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The fifth edition of BFREE’s annual magazine is now available in an interactive format online at Issuu! Get the latest news from the field station and learn about exciting research, conservation and education projects taking place in and around the rainforests of Belize.  Highlights of the 2018 magazine include: a quick look back at the year, updates on […]

Hicatee Awareness Month 2018 Wrap Up

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Hicatee Awareness Month 2018 The Hicatee turtle, a national treasure for Belize, is seriously under threat due to over-hunting for human consumption. Listed as critically endangered, Belize offers the highest chance for its survival. Because the Hicatee is in need of greater protection and innovative conservation actions, Turtle Survival Alliance and BFREE launched Hicateee Awareness Month, a country-wide awareness campaign […]