Univ of Massachusetts students implemented independent research projects

University of Massachusetts student implementing an independent research project

BFREE offers immersive educational opportunities in the form of study abroad programs called “field courses” for high school and college students from Belize, the US, Canada and farther afield, as well as eco-tours for adventurers of all ages, and outreach programs in the form of field trips, community trainings, and school visits for Belizeans.

Goals for Education

  • • Generate interest
  • • Address misconceptions
  • • Offer opportunities
  • • Increase awareness
  • • Encourage discovery (both of the self & of the world)
  • • Build capacity/ skill building

** Result – people who care about the environment and recognize their role & take positive action


A refreshing swim in the Bladen River is a must for those spending time at BFREE. Photo by Sean Werle

A refreshing swim in the Bladen River is a must for those spending time at BFREE.

“Our trip took us from coastal fishing towns to the heart of the rainforest, and at each stop I felt myself becoming more connected to my food. Bananas were no longer the yellow option in the fruit basket, citrus became more precarious than ubiquitous, and chocolate bars stopped being the friendly tenants of the vending machine.”

—Emily, University of Richmond, January 2015

“Although we had discussed biodiversity of Belize and the tropics as a whole in class, I was still dumbfounded by the sheer number and variety of creatures I saw that called Belize home.”

—Dylan, University of Richmond, January 2015

“Fantastic mission, people, and food! A must see in Belize!”

—Sara, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, March 2015

“This trip has been a lot of firsts for me – first time on a plane, first time out of the country and first time in the jungle. Even though the trip is only half over it has met and exceeded my expectations. It has been wonderful to meet all of the staff at BFREE and I hope to keep in contact with them. One of my biggest worries about coming to a new country was the food, but the food here has been AMAZING! Thank you, BFREE, for the experience and opportunities you have given me.”
—Mary Beth, Emory & Henry College, May 2011

“I learned a lot about how they do methodologies and surveys to sample biodiversity. I had heard about this in the classroom at UB, but this was the first time getting a real life experience. Keep doing this good work!”

—Daniel, University of Belize, April 2011

“The guides were knowledgeable and friendly, the food was delicious and the wildlife was beautiful. I also appreciated the safety rundown because we encountered a few scorpions!”

—Gabrielle, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, March 2011

“Our four nights here were a wonderful introduction to Belize – its people, scientists, array of insects and cacophonous wildlife. Excellent hospitality!”

—Eliza, Sterling College, January 2011