5 October 2020

Which turtle Belize to the bone? Hicatee! Hicatee! Hicatee!

We at BFREE – the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE) – and members of the Hicatee Awareness Month Planning Committee are thrilled to announce the release of a sing-a-long celebrating Belize’s national treasure – the Hicatee turtle. Created by Jonathan Dubon and Ike Phillips and produced by Janskii, this two and half minute song is a conversation between Damien and Mr. Hicatee. Damien is a human who wants to learn more about the problems that Mr. Hicatee encounters in his daily life and how he can help.

The sing-a-long was created as one of the many new and exciting materials being used this October during Hicatee Awareness Month to help inform fellow Belizeans of the challenges facing the critically endangered Hicatee turtle. All month long, BFREE will be sharing resources and information about the Hicatee via social media. If you’d like to learn more follow us on Facebook BFREEBelize and Instagram at BFREEBZ. If you are an educator who would like to join our mailing list to receive classroom materials, please email Ms. Ornella Cadle at education@bfreebz.org.

Created by Jonathan Dubon and Ike Phillips and produced by Janskii
Hicatee graphic by Belizario Gian Carballo