BAL Shrimp & the Hicatee Conservation & Research Center

bal shrimp 2On Saturday, April 11, a team of 4 staff members from Belize Aquaculture Limited (BAL Shrimp) spent a good portion of the day doing some much needed work at the Hicatee Conservation and Research Center (HCRC). Both ponds had multiple slow leaks in the thick black liners. With 22 Hicatee turtles in residence in the ponds, BFREE recognized the importance of acting quickly to make both ponds fully functional.

BFREE Executive Director, Jacob Marlin, and BFREE HCRC Manager, Tom Pop, joined the BAL Shrimp team in prepping the ponds for the repairs and also assisted in sealing the leaks. We are grateful to BAL Shrimp for their continued support of the HCRC.

Bal shrimp 1

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