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Birdathon Belize

Birds of Belize author, H. Lee Jones, and birding team participated in Birdathon Belize – a competition/fundraiser for the Belize Raptor Research Institute.

New Cabanas

Recently BFREE has started a new projects: building three cabanas for researchers and visitors. There will be two 14 x 14 buildings and one 12 x 14 building. Everything will be handmade by Marcelino with help from Miguel, Mick, Elmer, Kai, Wilder and Rebecca. Currently they are busy mixing and pouring cement for the base […]

New Species of Plant Named for BFREE Co-Founders, the Marlins

The Marlins have a new plant species named in their honor! In the current issue of Kew Bulletin, co-authors (Wesley Knapp and Wayt Thomas) and I pay tribute to the Marlins and their accomplishments by naming Rhynchospora marliniana. We felt it especially appropriate to honor the Marlins and their contributions by naming a species that […]

Wood Thrush Research Using Geolocators

This year at BFREE we have two researching groups that are here to study a bird called the wood thrush. This bird is a declining threatened species that lives in the US and Canada, but during the winter months, it migrates down to Belize and other Central American countries for warmer weather. Emily McKinnon and […]

Congratulations Gato!

Liberato Pop, known as Gato, has been accepted to a Banding Internship for 6 months in Oregon. He is going with the Klamath Bird Observatory and will be getting his bird banding certification and hopes to also receive certification to train others in banding. Gato heard about this internship through William Garcia, another BFREE birder […]