Botanist at Copperhead Environmental Consulting, LLC



Dr. Steven Brewer (right) with Sipriano Canti in the cacao farm.

Dr. Steven W. Brewer is the in-house botanist for Copperhead Environmental Consulting, LLC. Steven’s love of nature began as a toddler exploring his backyard and its plant and animal inhabitants. Steven has grown his early backyard experiences to include a wide variety of ecosystems, from Alaska to the Amazon, including tropical and temperate rainforests, coastal savannas, dunes and wetlands, chaparral, boreal forests, and arctic tundra. He gained formal research and teaching experience as he finished his doctorate in Plant Biology from UC Davis, his masters in his Natural Resources from the University of Michigan, and his bachelors in Biology from Duke University.

After seven years of research and teaching in a university setting, Dr. Brewer moved full-time into field applications of botany and plant ecology for conservation and protection of natural resources. He is currently focused on the biology and assessment of plant species and their natural communities in Central America and in the southeastern United States. Dr. Brewer has spent significant portions of the last 22 years conducting tropical fieldwork and lending his expertise to the conservation and academic community working in Belize, Central America. He specializes in field and herbarium identification of vascular plants, field surveys for rare plants and their communities, plant population dynamics, plant community surveys, and landscape-level assessments of vegetation. Additionally, Dr. Brewer teaches and trains aspiring and acting natural resource rangers, technicians, and biologists in field methods in ecology.

Although he is passionate about plants, Dr. Brewer enjoys photography, hiking and trail-running, and spending time with his dogs.


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