You can become directly involved with our conservation, research and education programs by adopting a tree, adopting an animal, or providing a scholarship for local Belizeans to receive training! Your contribution to the “Adopt-a” Program allows us to focus our efforts on the specific projects that you choose to support.   Our rainforest programs, needed now more than ever, wouldn’t be possible without your help and for that we say “thank you”!

Adopt-a-Tree Program

Adopt-a-Cacao Tree

Help BFREE care for and expand our 13-acre cacao and coffee farm. Your contribution will help harvest pods to plant new trees that will be used for expanding the existing farm as well as for contributing seeds and saplings to local farmers who are learning to use agroforestry techniques on their own land.

Adopt-an-Animal Program

Adopt-a-Harpy Eagle

BFREE’s Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) monitoring program began 7 years ago, when a group of BFREE staff members located a pair while on expedition through the reserve. This was a thrilling sighting because wild Harpy Eagles had not been identified in Belize for as many as 50 years prior to that and were thought to be extirpated (extinct within Belize).  Since that first sighting, two active nests have been located. The newest nest was identified in the summer of 2012 in very close proximity to a small community.

By ‘adopting’ this nest, you will help ensure the safety of this endangered bird through community education programs, while also allowing researchers to continue to monitor the nest and contribute to the existing body of knowledge on the species.


Sponsor-an-Apprentice Program

Sponsor-an-Avian Apprentice

About 6 years ago, BFREE began a program to train Belizeans from communities surrounding the reserve to become “para-biologists” / Avian Technicians. Through this program, trainees gain an understanding of wildlife handling, identification techniques, conservation issues and methods, habitat management, and more. Since beginning the program, 11 individuals have completed the training, 2 of whom are currently employed full-time at BFREE.

Your donation of a scholarship will the support recruitment and the first workshop phase for one new apprentice entering the Avian Technician training program.

Adopt-a-Coffee Tree

Coffee is not typically associated with low-altitude rainforests. However, BFREE has had great success interplanting coffee trees within the cacao farm. Not only has the coffee grown successfully, it is becoming a staple in the BFREE kitchen and requested by BFREE visitors! Your contribution will help plant new coffee trees and allow BFREE to continue to research agroforestry methods and wildlife habits within these managed areas.

Adopt-a-Hicatee Turtle

The Central American river turtle (Dermatemys mawii) is locally known as the Hicatee. Rarely found in captivity, the Hicatee has been over-hunted because of its value in the food market – even the hatchlings and eggs are sold as food. The species’ normally passive nature makes them relatively easy to catch. In 2011, BFREE, in collaboration with the Turtle Survival Alliance, began construction on the Hicatee Conservation and Research Center (HCRC). The HCRC exists to investigate the reproductive biology of the Hicatee in captivity, and to test the feasibility of large scale captive management. When finished, the HCRC will house close to 50 adult breeding Hicatee and all of the food plants will be raised on site.

Once the center is active, ‘adopting’ a Hicatee turtle will help to provide food and maintain the HCRC for the turtles, as well as help support scientific data collection.  Until that time, your donation to this program will be used for final construction, as well as locating and moving turtles to the facility.


Sponsor-an-Education Apprentice

BFREE is introducing a new education apprenticeship opportunity to Belizeans. These apprentices will participate in the hands-on educational programs that BFREE offers to students from abroad, as well as to local schools and communities. Apprentices will work immediately under the Director of Educational Programs to learn the various skills and techniques needed to tailor programs for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Your contribution of a scholarship will support recruitment and the first workshop phase for one one new education apprentice.

Levels of Contribution

$45 – The Speckled Snail-Sucker

• Emailed fact sheet on a Belizean animal or plant,
• an e-mailed official certificate of adoption,
• and, if you’re not already, we’ll get you signed up for our monthly eNewsletter.

$75 – The Blue Morpho Butterfly

• Emailed fact sheet,
• certificate of adoption,
• e-News sign-up,
PLUS a high-quality original and one-of-a-kind photo screensaver of a beautiful Belizean landscape of the rainforest, mountains or rivers, or a rare close-up of a wild Belizean animal!

$100 – The Howler Monkey

• Emailed fact sheet,
• certificate of adoption,
• e-News sign-up,
• a high-quality photo screensaver
PLUS a downloadable version of our Harpy Eagle poster, designed especially for BFREE by UF graphic design students!

$250 – The Tapir

• Emailed fact sheet,
• certificate of adoption,
• e-News sign-up,
• a high-quality photo screensaver,
• downloadable Harpy Eagle poster,
PLUS we will mail you a printed high-quality photo taken in the rainforest of Belize either of the breath-taking landscape or a beautiful close-up of an animal!

$500 – The Jaguar

• Emailed fact sheet,
• certificate of adoption,
• e-News sign-up,
• a high-quality photo screensaver,
• downloadable Harpy Eagle poster,
• one printed high-quality photo,
PLUS a copy of the book “Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains with a focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve” by Daniel C. Dourson!

All donors to the Adopt-a-Programs receive annual updates on the accomplishments within the program. For as little as $45, you can become an important contributor to our conservation efforts.

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