This building, partially funded with support from Lincoln Memorial University and completed in 2011, is 400 ft 2 in area, raised 3-m above ground level on wooden posts, currently comprises a single open upstairs room, and has a gabled zinc roof. The lab has a small solar system that supplies enough power for lights and basic lab equipment, a generator for backup power, a 650 gallon water storage tank, and cold running water. It currently has a gas refrigerator/freezer and a small oven with a 4- burner stove, with ample storage space for equipment and specimens and plenty of bench space. Basic lab equipment is available for research use including microscopes, meter tapes, soil testing kits, scales, etc.

All researchers must review and sign the Lab Use Agreement prior to their arrival at BFREE. For information about completing research at BFREE contact Jacob Marlin at

BFREE stores a hodgepodge of basic research and mechanical equipment that may be borrowed or rented by visiting students and researchers, depending on the intended use and duration. Of course, other demands exist, and field use is hard on equipment, therefore not all items below are available at all times.

In general, if a piece of equipment is crucial to your research, you should count on bringing your own. Bring two, for that matter, and consider making a material donation to BFREE when your research is inactive or concluded!

Contact us about arranging use of any of the following equipment during your time at BFREE:

  • canoe
  • microscope
  • meter tape
  • altimeter
  • weighing scales
  • thermometer
  • pH meter
  • rangefinder
  • sling psychrometer
  • laminator
  • binder
  • extendable pruners
  • dissecting trays
  • mammal live traps
  • nets and seines
  • cages and aquaria
  • reptile hook
  • animal handling equipment
  • a variety of hand and power carpentry tools