Our facilities are rustic, yet comfortable with most buildings elevated for maximum air circulation. BFREE currently has 15 buildings on site including a communal dining room and kitchen, three private cabins, three staff houses, director’s residence, botany house, sawmill and workshop, the office, and a science lab.

BFREE facilities are designed to be self-sustainable, with each building having its own solar panels, battery systems and its own rainwater catchment system. Each building is also connected to our main well, which can supply water during the dry season. Since 2001, all buildings have been constructed with sustainably harvested wood, salvaged when Hurricane Iris hit Belize. There is an extensive trail system network through BFREE property.

The Office

Recently renovated, this architecturally unique, elevated thatched roof structure is our gateway to the outside world. A fixed cellular telephone is available in a booth under the satellite station to give you voice communication to the world. This building also provides much needed office space for BFREE staff.