Study Abroad in the Tropics |  8 – 15 day All-inclusive Field Course

Birds, Chocolate, Forests: Food Systems, Culture & the Environment

Course Audience: High School and Undergraduate Students
Optimal Group Size: 12-16 students
Course ThemesEnvironmental Science, Sustainable Development, Agriculture and Food Systems,                                                                             Cultural Immersion, Biodiversity Conservation

Canterbury High School takes a tour of the BFREE cacao farm and drying facility

Canterbury High School takes a tour of the BFREE cacao farm and drying facility

Can Chocolate Save the Rainforest?

Join BFREE as we explore issues of sustainability, natural resource management, as well as agriculture and food systems. Learn about various strategies, efforts and solutions to reverse negative trends leading to loss of biodiversity in this small but rapidly developing country. This program encourages students to consider the relationship between birds, chocolate and forests through a variety of presentations, field experiences and hands-on activities.

Vermont Commons during a bird demo

Vermont Commons High School students learn about resident and migrant birds

Sample Activities:

  • •Chocolate-making  
  • •Farm and factory tours
  • •Independent study projects
  • •Snorkel and swim
  • •Visit Maya ruins
  • •Homestays
  • •Community service project
  • •Jungle hikes
  • •Bird and other wildlife identification

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Preparing for your BFREE field course and travel to Belize:

From pick-up to drop-off, BFREE provides all in-country transportation, meals, guides, access fees for our field course groups. We also work with you prior to your trip to ensure that you and your students have everything you need to be ready for your travel to Belize.

Lakeland College student tastes the cacao fruit

Lakeland College student tastes the cacao fruit

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