Creature Feature: Oropendola

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The Oropendola is found in the Bladen Nature Reserve in Belize and at the BFREE field station along with over 350 species of other birds.

A Rodent’s Role in Seed Dispersal

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Long-time BFREE board member and US Geological Survey Ecologist, Rob Klinger, is an invited speaker for the 50th Anniversary meeting for the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica during late June. Below find the abstract for Rob’s presentation. “Community Effects Of Variation In Strength Of Seed Dispersal And Seed […]

BFREE’s Cacao Nursery and Reforestation Project Featured on USFWS Blog

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BFREE’s cacao nursery and reforestation project was featured on the US Fish and Wildlife Services blog.

Tracking BFREE’s Migratory Songbirds

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Geolocators passively track the locations of small birds each day, allowing scientists to document for the first time the migratory behavior of songbirds.

Creature Feature: Bio-Luminescing Fungus

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BFREE Biologist Dan Dourson on a rare sight, the fruiting bodies (mushroom) of a bio-luminescing fungus species!

Birdathon Belize

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Birds of Belize author, H. Lee Jones, and birding team participated in Birdathon Belize – a competition/fundraiser for the Belize Raptor Research Institute.

New Species of Plant Named for BFREE Co-Founders, the Marlins

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The Marlins have a new plant species named in their honor! In the current issue of Kew Bulletin, co-authors (Wesley Knapp and Wayt Thomas) and I pay tribute to the Marlins and their accomplishments by naming Rhynchospora marliniana. We felt it especially appropriate to honor the Marlins and their contributions by naming a species that […]