Home Stay: A Day in the Life

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An exciting part of many study abroad programs is a homestay. A homestay allows you to see how Belizeans truly live and immerses you into the culture. While staying at the BFREE station and campsites will show you a lot of Belize, the homestay will allow you to gain a better perspective of the culture […]

A Day at Lime Caye

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Lime Caye is an exciting destination and snorkeling here is probably one of the most adventurous parts of your journey. While every student going to Lime Caye looks forward to the snorkeling, the little island has so much more to offer. Your days at Lime Caye are going to be full of adventure, wild life […]

10 Tips for a Successful Trip!

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Preparing to study abroad can be a hectic time, you’re about to jump into a new environment with a different culture and it may be your first time out of the country. ┬áDon’t sweat it, BFREE is here to help. With our ten tips for a successful trip you are bound to have an amazing […]