Many, many people have made great efforts in a variety of fashions to support the work of BFREE. Some recent contributors we would like to acknowledge are:

$15 – $99 Princess Cone Snail
Alison Connell
Bernard Levine and Alice Howard
Bill Gordon
Cole and Angela Christensen
Denise Odell
Diana Engel
Donald and Victoria Velsey
Emily Hague
Gary Snorek
Glenn and Donna Taylor
Jay Redbond
Jeff and Lori Schroeder
Judith and Stanley Rapoport
Kenneth Hotopp and Mary Gorrell
Keith Langdon
Kirk and Gloria McDonald
Marilyn Oser
Megan Carlson
Myra and Larry Promisel
Patricia Wald
Paul Pickhardt
Sarah Hawkins
Sheldon and Susan Sandler
Theresa Rizzo-Ovia
Tina Doan
Trevor and Jennifer Biederman

$100 + Red-eyed Tree Frog
Aaron Dourson and Amy Batchman
Bruce Hanson
Bruce Vinik
Brumberg Publications
Chester Hartman and Amy Fine
Colleen Lamont & Patrick Chaulk
David and Judith Falk
David Osterhout and Susan Tannenbaum
Donald and Carol Borut
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jane Lieberthal
Edward and Ruth Cogen
Harry and Sarah Lee
Helen Peters
Irvine and Leah Mermelstein
J & E Kimball Crawford
Jane and Daniel Lindau
Jane Lang and Paul Sprenger
Jay and Donna Bushnell
Jean Arnold
Jean Rigg
Joseph and Merna Guttentag
Judith and Stanley Rapoport
Judith Viorst
Lawrence F. Williams and Patricia Pride
Marianne Schuelein
Mary Kampe
Michael Carrillo
Michael and Marty Dourson
Pat Harkness
Paul Pickhardt and Kristine Feggestad
Red River Gorgeous Cabin Rentals
Richard and Phyllis Wasserstrom
Robert Tancer
Ruth Goldman
Stanley Spracker
Thomas and Barbara Gottschalk
Tom Jones and Diana Foster-Jones
William and Jeanne Dennler

$250 + Howler Monkey
C. Rudy Engholm
Carol Ridker
Cheers with a Tropical Twist, Belize
Dan and Judy Dourson
Heather Barrett
Linda Hansell via the Jeanne and Herbert Hansell Fund
Michael and Alison Sagas
Nan Aron
Richard and Nancy Gould via the Community Foundation
Ruth Gramlich
Sandra Murphy-Pak
Stan Shulman
Steve and Linda Weitz

$500 + Fruit-Eating Bat
Albert and Caroline Turkus
Ed & Joyce DeHaan
Julie Sandler
Kenneth and Carol Hopper

$1000 + Scarlet Macaw
Apogee Environmental Consulting, Inc
Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund
Expedition Travel
Goatslug Publications
Optics for the Tropics
Phil Garofalo
Robert Klinger
The McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
US Fish and Wildlife Service

$2,500 + Jaguar
Institute for Bird Populations
Lampl Family Foundation

$5,000+ Harpy Eagle
Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc
Joseph and Lynne Horning
Mountain Corporation
Richard Creighton and Jane Ottenberg
Turtle Survival Alliance
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Vibeke Olson and James Rotenberg

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Fund
David and Jackie Marlin
US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, on behalf of the Nyanza Natural Resource Damage Trustee Council – comprised of the Service, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Mountain Corporation

Michael Krinsky has been a long-time supporter of BFREE. His company, The Mountain Corporation, has been responsible for the design and production of BFREE t-shirts.

University of Florida’s Spring 2012 Mint Graphic Design Team

The Mint Team consisted of 5 upper-level undergraduate students in UF’s Graphic Design program. Together, they worked to create our new and improved website and an innovate info brochure and poster.  Professor: Maria Rogal  Team Members: Lauren Wellmer, Katie Meyer, Layne Thue-Bludworth, Sarah Morgan, and Chris Thomas