BFREE’s new road sign!

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For those who have been to BFREE, the adventure begins while driving down the Southern Highway and continues to build when reaching the junction to the BFREE entrance road. Prior to their arrival, each visitor is made well aware that their destination lies at the end of the 6-mile dirt road and, to get there, they must walk.

The journey in is the stuff great stories are made of and everyone has one: the story about the mud, the mud fights, the lost shoe, the rain, the sun, the mountains in the distance, the 6-miles, the blister on the little toe, the animal tracks, the wildlife, the birds, the vehicle that got stuck, the vehicle that someone helped push out……

After 20 years, visitors will now have the additional thrill of being greeted by a handmade sign pointing them confidently toward their jungle destination. The sign won’t change the journey but it will change the “before” pictures.

Thanks to Jacob Marlin, Thomas Chub, Elmer Tzalam, Sipriano Canti, and Pedro Rash for their efforts in making the dream a reality!

Installing BFREE sign

The sign is placed at the junction of the BFREE entrance road and the Southern Highway.


The sign was constructed on cement footers and is covered with a thatch.

Western Michigan students were the first to pose under the new BFREE sign

Western Michigan students were the first group to pose under the new BFREE sign

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